1986 First steps into theory of music and first contact with keyboards, thanks to Felipe Royo
1991 Professional Music Conservatoire in Zaragoza (Spain). Piano as main instrument of study and percussion as second instrument.
1994 Rhythm Box Programing (Roland TR-909 y Roland R8)
First guitar lessons by Felipe Royo
1996 Macintosh. First contact with sequencers like microLogic and Cubasis
Creation of my own sounds using Korg Trinity
1999 Combos with Chus Fernández
2001 Finale
2003 Graduation from Professional Music Conservatoire of Zaragoza.
2004 Bass guitar (self-taught)
2005 Cubase SX and Plugins VST
2006 Korg microKorg
2011 Graduation from EUITIZ (University of Zaragoza) as Electronical Engineer.
Hardware and software designer of LÖ: Musical instrument and MIDI controller (*1)
 2012 Logic 9 and Kontakt
 2013 Ableton Live and Traktor
PianoJazz summer workshop by  Coco Fernández
2014 B2 Goethe-Zertificat
Final cut
 2015 Nord electro 5D
Akai apc mini.
Studio One and Presonus 1818VSL
 2017 Spark LE, Korg minilogue, Arturia keyLab, Launchpad XL
 2017 Combos at bass with Javier Callén (CEMM, Zaragoza)
 2017 Piano-jazz with Israel González (CEMM, Zaragoza)


  • 2011: Pedro Barceló (Drums) – C.C Río Ebro, Zaragoza
  • 2015: Xavi Reija (Drums) – Bateristas Zaragoza
  • 2015: Jesse Davis (Sax) y Raynald Colom (Trumpet) – III Festival de jazz de Muel, Zaragoza
  • 2015: Miguel Lamas (Drums) – Bateristas Zaragoza
  • 2015: Federico Paulovich (Drums) – Bateristas Zaragoza
  • 2015: Xavier Figuerola (Sax) – XXI Festival de Jazz al margen, Zaragoza
  • 2017: Adrián Garcés  and  Chus Gancedo (Drums) – Bateristas Zaragoza
  • 2017: “How to design a recording studio” – Imar Sanmartí, Etopia (Zaragoza)
  • 2017: Paco García (Drums), Yamaha and Paiste – C.C Estación del Norte, Zaragoza
  • 2017: Dani Griffin (Drums)  “Development your brain, not only your hands”- Bateristas Zaragoza
  • 2017: Rober Molina (Bass)  Taurus, Bandido Guitars, Aurora, Boreal tech. – Rock&stock Zaragoza
  • 2018: Ableton 10 Official masterclass, Pedro Pina – Xprésate Zaragoza
  • 2018: Reykjavik606 : modular synthesizers and live – Xprésate Zaragoza


  • 2017:  “Acoustic design” Imar Sanmartí – Etopia (Zaragoza)
  • 2018: Microphony’s workshop, Antony Maubert  – Etopia/Xprésate Zaragoza


(*1) Nominated to: “The Best project from Industrial Electronic faculty 2011” by the College of Engineers of Aragon and the University of Zaragoza (Spain).(WON)
2004 Schneider electric “New concepts in safety sensors and field buses”, University of Zaragoza (Spain).
2005 3D design: Inventor, Rhinoceros, 3D studio Max, University of Zaragoza (Spain).
2014 B2 Goethe-Zertifikat, Cologne (Germany)
2015 WordPress and mySQL (self-taught), Zaragoza (Spain)
2016 Telemarketer to Arvato Bertelsmann, Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Software Asana in CAAR (Aragon automotive Cluster), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Logistics 4.0 in CAAR (Aragon automotive Cluster), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Excel advanced and Power BI in CAAR (Aragon automotive Cluster), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Lean manufacturing (Serrano consultoring), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Non-contact I4.0 Industrial Monitoring Techniques (ITA innova), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Calibration and Industrial Metrology 4.0(ITA innova), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Industrial maintenance (ITA innova), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Digital twin (ITA innova), Zaragoza (Spain)