One of my big dreams since I was a kid was to be able to build my own synthesizer. That dream became true on 2011 when I developed a prototype that was not only a synthesizer as commonly known, but also a MIDI controller. Moreover, it possesses new sensors that make it a whole new musical technique. All that is .

It was not an easy way, since at that time I was still studying engineering and working as a musician. All the experience that I acquired with time by programming and setting all kind of musical devices for colleagues and myself really helped me in the development of LÖ, also supported as startup by Howlab (department of university of Zaragoza, Spain).

As an engineer I was able to develop control methods for my setup as keyboardist, with my computer, sequencers and MIDI controllers like nanoKontrol or Akai APC, besides my own prototype.

On the other hand, I am also web programmer. Check this website, for example, or the ones I developed for Laura Virgilito, Moving Atelier or Teclados y Teclistas.

Now I’m working as engineer to Mael coccion (Zaragoza, Spain). Previously, I worked to Pomceg electronics.

If you have any doubts with your hardware-software or if you need an app to solve that parameter that does not automatically changes in your equipment or if you need somebody to program you website, please contact me.

2004 Schneider electric “New concepts in safety sensors and field buses”, University of Zaragoza (Spain).
2005 3D design: Inventor, Rhinoceros, 3D studio Max, University of Zaragoza (Spain).
2014 B2 Goethe-Zertifikat, Cologne (Germany)
2015 WordPress and mySQL (self-taught), Zaragoza (Spain)
2016 Telemarketer to Arvato Bertelsmann, Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Software Asana in CAAR (Aragon automotive Cluster), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Logistics 4.0 in CAAR (Aragon automotive Cluster), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Excel advanced and Power BI in CAAR (Aragon automotive Cluster), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Lean manufacturing (Serrano consultoring), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Non-contact I4.0 Industrial Monitoring Techniques (ITA innova), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Calibration and Industrial Metrology 4.0(ITA innova), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Industrial maintenance (ITA innova), Zaragoza (Spain)
2021 Digital twin (ITA innova), Zaragoza (Spain)