I was first encouraged to compose my own music by my professors Manuel Ruiz and José Manuel Montañés when I was in the Professional Music Conservatoire of Zaragoza. They taught me harmony and the basis of composition, respectively. Later, Coco Fernández introduced me to modern harmony, improving my composition capabilities.

Ven VenI have written music for my personal project LiSbÖ as well as for other projects where I have been involved in, such as Boulevard, Tinglao and Ariday. I have also arranged my own compositions and for other artists: Generaciones, Tinglao, Diego Stabilito, KARAMBA, Horas perdidas, Boulevard, Ariday, Sincopa, Marco Sicilia, Conexion, Grupo Cierzo, Vendetta Show and Verona.

I also worked my making music transcriptions for other artists: NdNo, Nacho Hernández, Rubén Nasville, Boulevard and Ariday.

I write and arrange in different musical styles: from Jazzfunk and smooth-, latinjazz to Electronic music.



If you want to get your music transcribed into music sheets or if you need arrangements for your compositions, please contact me.