“LiSbÖ Project” is the live performance band format for Jorge’s own compositions as LiSbÖ. Although different musicians and engineers have collaborated in this project thought time.

Here are some of the musicians ever involved in LiSbÖ project:

  • Lydia Aranda (Singer).
  • Danny Declay (Sound engineer).
  • Miguel Ángel Brosed (band drums in Zaragoza).
  • Rubén Jaques (band bass guitar).
  • Yerai Rubio (band guitar).
  • Javier Redondo (band bass guitar).
  • Alexey Rodríguez “Ringo” (Virtual trio drums)
  • Samuel Girona (video recording)
  • Alí García (photography)
  • Alejandro Delgado (photography)
  • David Hernández (band drums in Cologne)
  • Patrizio di Sarro (band guitar)
  • Andrés Ezquerra (band bass guitar)
  • Sara Rodrigo (Logo designer)
  • Víctor Muñoz-Alique (guitar in Miscelaneox)
  • Pedro Popker (photography and design for Miscelaneox)
  • Alberto Brosed (lyrics for Mírame and Gotas de Cristal. Band singer 2015)
  • Noelia Royo (Singer in Akenaton)