Behind “lisbomusic” project hides Jorge Royo Lisbona, musician and engineer born in Zaragoza (Spain). Jorge started playing the keyboard when he was four years old thanks to the lessons given by his father, Felipe. Soon after he started studying piano at the Professional Music Conservatoire of Zaragoza. During these early years, his piano teacher Gloria will become a great influence on Jorge, stimulating and supporting him into pursuing his music career.

Soon, he started composing his first pieces making use of synthesizers, rhythm boxes and sequencers. He also started working with cover bands, playing popular songs at parties and celebrations, broadening his view as a professional musician. He was also enriched by participating in jazz combos imparted by Chus Fernández. Absorbing all these influences, he started to experiment with keyboards to seek and develop a sound of his own.

After finishing his studies at the Professional Music Conservatoire of Zaragoza, he began studying Engineering at EUITIZ (University of Zaragoza). By this time he also commenced a second era of personal musical investigation by expanding his knowledge with other instruments, such as bass guitar. As a result of this experimentation, Akenaton (2004) was born, Jorge’s first recording as “LiSbÖ”.

During the next few years, he interacts with several bands and collaborates with many different artists, touring and recording very interesting projects (see career and discography).

On 2011, Jorge and his engineer partner Gonzalo Peré design , an invention that unifies art and technology, as part of their Master thesis. They were awarded as the “Best engineering thesis on 2011”. On the same year, Jorge publishes thanks to virtualbum his second studio recording, Miscelaneox.

During the last 20 years, Jorge, aka LiSbÖ, has made for himself a place in the local, national e international music scene, as a live performer and studio recorder. However he never stopped creating and working on his own projects. After three years living in Cologne (Germany) he now lives in Zaragoza (Spain).