After 20 years of experience with sequencers, synthezisers and grooveboxes, those tools have become fundamental part of my means of personal expression. For that reason, I invested great effort on having my own recording studio.

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You can see the evolution in my productions I try to get a clear and honest sound, but rich in subtle elements. I have produced my own projects as LiSbÖ (Akenaton in 2004 and Miscelaneox in 2011) as well as for other artists like Diego Stabilito in 2010, Niusan in 2017.

My motto: less is more. There are two main factors that influenced me as a producer. On the one hand, I have always played and listened to music from different styles, not being close to anything, which gives me a very broad understanding of music. On the other hand, playing many different instruments (bass guitar, guitar and drums) helped me to perceive music as a whole, not focusing only on my own line.

If you need musical coach, a produced for your music or just to record some track (music, voice, etc) for any of your projects contact me.